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Consider This Before You Sign
The level of service, in the Snow Removal Business, can be very different from one company to the next. For example, one Company might offer a low contract price but there's a limit to how much service you get. If the limit is 20 visits to your property, you will pay more for anything above 20. If it's a light winter, these types of contracts can be a bargain. But anything above average snowfall could cost you a bundle. There are Companies who have contracts that state, that they will only come out when there is 2 inches or 4 inches or even 6 inches of snow. This is another way of offering low contract pricing with built in protection for the Company. During a very cold spell even 2 inches of snow can create a thin layer of ice especially on shady driveways and walkways.

The type of equipment a Contractor uses is very important. Sometimes a guy will say he offers Truck, Loader and Blower Service. In reality he has a Truck with a Plow, and he has a friend who has the Front Loader and another guy who will sub contract the Blower work. Knowing what type of equipment your Contractor has and how many pieces of equipment he has will help the homeowner make a smart choice. I can remember when there was a vacant lot next to every house in Incline and very few homeowners had any landscaping. A guy with a Plow Truck had lots of room to work and could do a pretty good job. Those days are gone. Today snow removal equipment is expensive and complicated. Tractor Snow Blowers are the preferred method, especially for residential accounts. Front Loaders are mostly used on Commercial Properties, and some residential situations. Walk Behind Snow Blowers work when you have decorative surfaces, like Dura Stone that can be scratched. So you have a Contractor who meets your requirements for clearing your driveway, what about your walkway and entry. No matter what kind of equipment your guy has there is always going to be some snow left in front of the garage door. If you are an absentee homeowner you might find a 3 foot berm in front of your garage door and it could be frozen. Walkways and Entries get packed down and ice becomes a big problem. It seems to work best when the company that does the driveway also provides shoveling services.

A package deal is going to be the best value. When your Incline Home is your vacation home or you have your property on a Rental Program, and you want Full Service, and you can be flexible, you deserve a program that will work with you, and save you money. When a home is not occupied during a storm and doesn't need immediate service, it makes sense that the Snow Removal Company concentrate on providing service to the residents that need to get out and then take care of the non-occupied homes the next day. The Part-Time Homeowner should be able to save a considerable amount by being flexible. In Conclusion. So a little homework, before you sign can mean the difference between a hassle free winter and one big hassle. There are some fine Snow Removal Companies in Incline Village and some not so fine. Ask around, especially after you've narrowed it down to a couple of providers. Ask Questions!

Benefits of Snow Blowers

  • Virtually eliminating damage to driveways that large scrape-and-drag tractors cause.
  • Your driveway will be as wide in the winter as it is in the summer.
  • Our tractors never venture off your paved driveway.
  • Easy snow storage, away from your driveway.
  • Snow melts faster when it has been dispersed evenly.
  • Our tractors small size allows vehicles to pass safely and easily.
  • No dirty snow piles or unsightly snow ramps
  • clean driveway edges and flat, evenly dispersed snow

SnoPro’s small tractors maneuver easily into tight areas. Our tractors are about fifteen feet long and six feet wide, about the size of a compact pickup truck. Their small size and maneuverability allows them to get closer to your garage door, your car, your stairs and your house.

SnowPro's removal-specific equipment
We have your property’s best interest in mind and select our equipment based upon its appropriateness for snow removal. SnoPro will always use equipment that provides the most efficient, least damaging residential snow removal.

After considerable tractor research, we concluded that the Holder 9700 is the best choice for residential driveway snow removal. Our tractor’s brochure reads; "The most efficient and effective snow fighting package in the world". We agree.

Helping keep Tahoe beautiful

Environmentally friendly
For those concerned about the environmental impacts of diesel tractors, we are pleased to report that our small tractors consume about one-half (1/2) the amount of diesel fuel of heavy equipment. Consequently, our tractors emit one-half (1/2) of the emissions into the air.

SnoPro uses biodegradable hydraulic fluid in all of its tractors. In the unlikely event that a hydraulic leak occurs, we will clean it up as thouroughly as possible. However, the residual hydaulic fluid will decompose naturally and not present an environmental hazard.


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