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25,000 pounds vs 6,500 pounds
Which one would you rather have on your dirveway?

Why should we choose SnoPro?
SnoPro's parent company, Cardenas Snow Removal, has over 30 years of residential and commercial snow removal experience in the Incline Village area.

Our staff has the operational skills, mechanical skills and administrative experience necessary to offer Incline Village homeowners a prompt, reliable snow removal service.

Are your prices competitive?
Yes. Our snow removal rates are competitive.

We also offer FREE snow staking with a prepaid residential SnoPro contract which includes installation, maintenance and removal our new attractive fiberglass snow stakes.

Can lightweight, commercial snowblowers handle Incline Village snow conditions?
Yes. For years, snowblower-based snow removal companies have operated effectively throughout Truckee-Tahoe communities, including Donner Summit, Talmont (Tahoe's West Shore), Northstar-at-Tahoe and Incline Village.

Incline Village's heavy, wet snowfall and steep, technical driveways make it probably the most difficult environment for snow removal in the country. However, we found our lightweight tractors to be incredibly maneuverable and effective snowfighting machines.

What is the purpose of having a snow removal service?
While the use of a snow removal service is not absolutely necessary, long-time snow country visitors and residents alike have found snow removal to be an affordable and time-saving luxury. When visitors arrive for a weekend getaway, the last thing they want to tackle is a three foot berm and two feet of snow in their driveway. Similarly, full-time residents enjoy not having to clear their driveways before going to work or after returning home.

Rather than use a seasonal contract, can we give you a call and have our driveway plowed as needed?
Sure. Call-ins are part of SnoPro's business also. Call-ins cost an average of $100 per clearing. However, just like a seasonal snow removal quote, the fee is based on driveway size and slope. In addition, the price of a Call-in is based on the amount of snow in the driveway.

Most people prefer the seasonal contract as the break-even point is only seven to ten clearings. A homeowner could easily use a couple of those clearings on a snowy weekend.

What time will you begin snow removal?
SnoPro will begin snow removal operations when snowfall reaches a depth of approximately 3" to 4". Therefore, the timing of snow removal may vary from day to day.

Why did SnoPro choose Holders vs other tractors?
We researched many different snowblower-based tractors, including tractors from Trackless, Bobcat, New Holland, Boschung and others. Based on our research, tractor demonstrations, and operator testimonials, we concluded that the Holder C 9700 is the most suitable and reliable tractor for Tahoe snow conditions.

Holder's engineering is light-years ahead of any other snowblower-based tractor. It has about fifteen major technological advantages that the competition lacks, including load sensing, hydraulic accumulator, a reliable Deutz turbocharged engine, 6:1 planetary gears, and multi-disc wedge brakes.

What is your policy on berm removal?
For a number of reasons it is impossible to coordinate our residential snow removal routes with the city snow plowing crews.

We will return as soon as possible to remove the city berms. However, because of the city snow plow timing, snowfall amounts, and operator fatigue, we may not return to clean your berm until the following day.

How close can you get to my garage door?
In most cases, our small tractors can safely maneuver within 6" to 12" inches of your garage door, car, stairs and/or entry. Our operators will remove snow from around these areas to the best of their ability. Included in the Package Deal is that our shoveling crew will arrive after the Blower and clear away any residue snow that is left in front of the garage door.

Do I need to protect my landscaping from your equipment?
No. That's the beauty of snowblower-based snow removal. SnoPro will gently and evenly disperse snow across your property, eliminating landscape damage.

It is always a good idea to stake and tie all bushes, shrubs and trees before the first snowfall. For information on winter landscape preparation, please contact High Sierra Gardens at 775-831-7390.

What is SnoPro's policy on end-of-the-season property repairs?
We will repair any driveway, property or landscape damage caused by our equipment to its previous condition at no cost to the homeowner. SnoPro cannot be responsible for superficial chain marks resulting from normal snow removal operations. Chain marks are more apparent on new driveways and driveways that have recently been sealcoated.

What if it's snowing like crazy, I've got 1-2 feet of snow in my driveway, the city snowplow hasn't come by yet, and I want to get out?
First, please be aware of your vehicles capabilities and limitations. For instance, how suitable are your vehicles tires to heavy snow conditions. Does it have high or low ground clearance?

If there is 1-2 feet of snow in your driveway, a similar amount will be in the street. Consider the possibility that it may be safer to remain a while longer in your warm, dry home rather than becoming stuck in the street and having to wait 2-3 hours for a towtruck.

We encourage homeowners to proceed through any amount of snow that their vehicle can safely handle. However, under some conditions it is wise to remain inside until SnoPro clears your driveway and the city clears the roadway.

What if the city snowplow berms me in after SnoPro has cleared my driveway?
SnoPro guarantees homeowners one driveway clearing per 24-hour period. If the berms appear to be unusually large, SnoPro will make every effort to return and clear them. However, due to operator fatigue, heavy snowfall, etc., SnoPro may not be able to return until the following day.

What if I have difficulty due to my driveway's steep upslope or downslope?
Unfortunately, some homes have been built without seriously considering winter access. Though SnoPro will do all it can to maintain access to and from your home, it cannot be responsible for the lack of accessibility due to steep upsloping or downsloping driveways, or accessibility problems caused by vehicles not well suited for winter conditions, unfamiliarity with winter driving, etc.

Can I expect my driveway to be free of snow all the time?
If we lived in Camelot, it might snow from Midnight to 3:00 AM. each night. However, in Incline Village it snows whenever storms dictate and often for many consecutive hours.

SnoPro guarantees one driveway clearing per 24-hour period. If it continues to snow after we have cleared your driveway, SnoPro will clear your driveway the following day.

Should I wait for my driveway to be cleared before trying to get out?
Will driving over the snow turn it to ice?
Waiting is not necessary. Driving over the snow doesn't create true ice, but merely packs the snow. SnoPro's snowblowers are fitted with a low-impact cutting edge designed to peel up packed snow. Feel free to drive over any snow in your driveway.

What if I have a doctor's appointment or a plane to catch?
SnoPro's job is to provide you with the most exceptional customer service possible. In emergency situations we will do all we can to help you meet your commitments. But please remember that we are providing snow removal for approximately 40 additional homeowners on your route. Please give us a call two hours prior to the time you need to be out and we will do all we can to accommodate your need.

If your driveway has been cleared and you are restricted from exiting by a city berm, we ask that you use a shovel or snowblower to clear a path for your exit. The remainder of the berm will be cleared by SnoPro at a later time.

How many driveway clearings do I get for my seasonal fee?
Homeowners receive unlimited driveway clearings between November 1st and April 1st.

How soon should I sign up for snow removal?
Truthfully, your early commitment is greatly appreciated. Your early commitment allows us to begin estimating equipment, supplies and personnel for the upcoming winter season.

What happens if I sell my house during the winter season?
If you choose to sell your house mid-winter, we ask that you prorate the snow removal fee within escrow (as you do with homeowner's dues, taxes, etc.). If this is not possible, we will gladly prorate your fee and return the unused portion.

Does SnoPro shovel walkways and decks?
SnoPro now offers a complete shoveling service. Included in the package deal we send out the shoveling crew to clear the area in front of the garage door, and to clear a pathway to the entry door. Our shovelers are available by the hour for any extra shoveling such as Decks, just call the office to make an appointment.

What are SnoPro's winter office hours?
SnoPro's administrative office is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Call 775-831-1252, email InclineSnoPro@gmail.com, or mail to PO Box 102, Crystal Bay, NV 89402.

Our administrative hours are not related to the operation of our equipment. Our equipment operations are dictated by the weather and will vary greatly from storm to storm.


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